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Wild Blue Farm

Wild Blue Farm was born from the love of flowers and the joy they bring to so many. We were inspired by the local flower movement after learning that many of the flowers we see actually come from countries far away and use harmful chemicals while also taking away from our local economy.


We believe that flowers should provide extended vibrant beauty, connect people to the gifts of nature, and also be safe to have in your home. That is our goal. 

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Our Story

The name of Wild Blue Farm was inspired by the Wild Blueberry which is one of the most resilient plants in the world. Wild Blueberry plants can actually be burned to the ground and yet still overcome and regrow. We have received so many confirmations regarding this path for our family and we are truly grateful. Finding that our land already had many of these plants naturally growing was just one more indication that this is exactly where we are meant to be and what we are meant to be doing. 

David and I (Dusty), like so many are transplants to Virginia and have come to love the state and its natural beauty. Having met in Northern Virginia, getting married, starting our family and finding our dream property here, has allowed strong roots to take hold. 

I grew up in Williamsport, Pennsylvania where my father loved to garden and found his peace there. Knowing that I always wanted to help others, I went on to grad school and completed my master's degree in school counseling. Now I am a homeschooling mother to my three beautiful children. While I am no longer on my original career path, helping others find joy and beauty is still very much prevalent in my life today, only now it is through nature and flowers. 

David was born and raised in Louisiana near the city of New Orleans. While it wasn't until he moved to Virginia that he turned his attention to farming, it is something that was always a part of his family's history. He grew up hearing stories of his Grandfather farming on land he owned in Mississippi and his Father selling their fresh produce to the local community. Even though David currently works full time as an accountant, he spends much o
f his free time with our family out on the farm.

- Dusty & David Morlier

Image by Maria Lazurenko

Fresh Local Flowers

Wild Blue Farm is committed to quality, fresh cut,  local flowers and strives to make our customers happy. We hope every time you purchase local cut flowers from us that you see the value in the longevity and freshness of our flowers and that they bring joy to those who receive them.  If there is ever a concern with our flowers or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out as your happiness is what makes our farm run. 

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