2022 Dahlia Share
  • Dahlias are the darling flower of the fall. These beautiful blooms are some of our most desired and highly sought-after flowers. They are highly anticipated all season long. Purchasing our dahlia share will ensure that you get these spectacular beauties in your home this fall. 



    This share is for 4 consecutive weeks of gorgeous dahlia blooms. Each week will be different and you will get to experience so many different varieties and styles of dahlias.  Each week will be a stunning 8 stem bundle of the farmers choice of the most beautiful dahlias available from our field.   




    Anticipated start date is the Mid-September time frame however, we will email as the flowers get closer to being ready. We anticipate giving a two week notice prior to start date. 




    Giving the gift of dahlias?......what a lovely thought. Giving someone a 4 week gift of dahlias is one of the sweetest fall presents we can think of! If you are gifting a share (or two) we ask that you check out separately for each share and place the recipient's name in the notes.  



    Pickup - Pickup will be each Friday from 9-6 at our flower cottage. 

    Delivery - We are currently offering delivery to the Brookside and Vint Hill neighborhoods for an additional delivery fee. Deliveries will be made Friday mornings.  





    *** We ask that you kindly read terms and conditions for our share. Purchasing this share means you are coming into agreement with these terms and conditions. 


    2022 Dahlia Share

    • I understand that purchasing a dahlia share means a fresh dahlia bundle will be ready for pickup at Wild Blue Farm on dates to be determined by the farm. If I am out of town or unable to pickup my CSA for any reason, I understand that it is my responsibility to find a substitute to take my share. If I am unable to find a substitute, I will not receive credit or a refund for any bouquets that I do not pickup. Pickup time parameters are specific to the host location or delivery location. By purchasing this share, I acknowledge that dahlias are a highly perishable flower and will not last long outside water. Therefore, we request that those that are receiving deliveries provide a vessel with water by the front door of the home for drop off. Those that do not provide water for drop off assume the risk of loss.